Civic Duty

Unfortunately, nowadays, citizenship only goes as far as where you were born or a legal piece of paper.  This is the reason why many people in America want to keep others from joining our nation; they feel entitled. “We don’t want them to get our money” or “benefit from our resources”, that is the sentiment of quite a few Americans. However, many of the people who are trying to become citizens care much more about the country  than the “natural born” citizens. Being a citizen of a country should be much more than where you’re from.  

As a first generation citizen of this country, I see the devotion that my immigrant family has for this country that they came to seeking opportunities.  Because of this I feel like we do have a civic duty. We should feel a responsibility to our communities and the nation as a whole to make it the best that it can possibly be. One can not complain about shortcomings of a community that they do not contribute to. Whether it be helping a neighbor, serving on jury duty, or speaking up against something that is wrong, we ought to do something to benefit our surrounding area. Sadly, people have to be told this, but it should be something you do naturally. It’s not always about trying to get yourself ahead, most times progressing as a whole is much more satisfying.


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