My Major, Computers and Whatnot..

My major really goes back to my passion. I love babies. I started being trained to work with babies since I was 7.  I started working in my church’s nursery caring for infants 6 weeks old to 3 years old. As I got older I took an interest in the health of babies and different diseases that affect them due to birth defects. This caused me to look into the field of Medicine, specifically Neonatology. I really wanted to treat and care for babies that were born premature or sick.  After shadowing a Neonatologist in the 11th grade, my desire to go into medicine was solidified. So I suppose you can say my major, which is Biology, is just one of many steps on the road to achieve my goal. Studying Biology should equip me with the skills I need to go to medical school and eventually become a Neonatologist.

Medicine and technology work very closely together. Computers are needed for research that is medically related. In order to properly diagnose and treat ailments, extensive research is often required. Computers are needed to learn more about the field and are a big help in studies. Also, computers are used to view images of the body and its functions. They help us to understand the body better. I think as time progresses and computers are developed further they will be even more important in the world of Biology/ Medicine.



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