Social networks in recent years have been revolutionary not only in connecting people over distances but also in the spread of world news. Instagram and Twitter are two of the top social networks. While Instagram only shares pictures and videos, Twitter shares short messages in less than 140 characters called “tweets” and pictures. Instagram is useful in the spread of world news because you can see pictures from important events. Some people are more likely to look at pictures than to read about certain things so it is a good way to spread news for visual people. A disadvantage of Instagram however is that there is no way to re-share something you see unless you screenshot it. That can be time consuming so a lot so people won’t do that. The video feature on Instagram would allow you to share a news clip or something similar so that would be a benefit to using Instagram. Another disadvantage of using Instagram in terms of world news is that there is no way of really checking the validity of what is being shared. There are many things on Instagram that get circulated that are untrue.

Contrarily to Instagram, on Twitter you can “retweet” something or share what someone else has shared immediately. This would help spread news more rapidly and effectively. For example, Ellen Degeneres tweeted a picture at the Oscars last weekend. That tweet had over 2 million retweets by the end of the Oscars. Also, Twitter is used by news stations and political figures. This is beneficial because you can get information right from the source. Instead of hearing that a political figure said something, they can express it themselves on Twitter. The fact that Twitter limits posts to 140 characters is good because the tweets are short and to the point. You can get main ideas about events across as opposed to reading a whole news report about an occurrence. On the other hand, Twitter has been used to get peoples’ own agendas across. Many prejudice, biased things have been written on twitter which could make one question the soundness of some of the tweets written.


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