Privacy: Where Do You Draw the Line?

With so much information on social media these days, it’s compelling to ask, “What should be kept private?” That’s hard to answer but I’ll tell you what I think.  I believe that where you live should be private simply because of safety issues.There are too many creepy people out there to give home addresses out at free will. It should be a person’s choice whether they want to provide their address to people or not. I also think that any sort of financial information or paperwork concerning you (birth certificate, social security card etc.) should be private.  This sort of information being provided could lead to identity theft. Finally phone numbers should be private information.  It is extremely irritating to get phone calls at all kinds of times from different companies trying to sell you items and what not. 

Social media however makes some things that are considered private available to people.  I personally do not believe there is a problem with company or the government obtaining information that you provided.  On all social media websites there is an option of settings where you can adjust what you do and don’t want people to see. I think if you put it up there then people should be able to see it. If you don’t want that information up there, change your settings, turn of GPS tracking or delete your account.


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