Aaron Swartz

When the government is accused of killing someone, the issue has to be serious. This is what Aaron Swartz’s father says the Government did to his son. Aaron Swartz was the co-founder of the popular website Reddit. Aaron committed suicide in January of 2013. Before his suicide he could have possibly faced years in jail because of his violation of MIT’s open network.  Aaron believed that citing every little thing is not necessary because there should be internet freedom.  The idea that all ideas originate from others and you shouldn’t always have to give credit unless you directly and blatantly copy someone. 

This view point suggest that Intellectual property should be revisited. The American Intellectual Property Law Association says”Our legal system provides certain rights and protections for owners of property” (AIPLA). This law provides little allowance for internet freedom, thus causing a problem for bloggers and others that write pieces of work using others work on the internet.

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