MOOCs which stands for “Massive Open Online Courses” is a somewhat new way for people to learn various subjects. Although it is all taught online and facilitates discussion amongst the people that enroll, I believe it can work.  I think this simply because there are many different ways of learning, people learn in different ways. For example, I learn well using online tools, it allows me to do things on own time and since I sometimes have trouble organizing it allows me to keep information in one place as opposed to having a bunch of papers and notebooks. Even though this may work for some people, others might find it difficult if they are not self-motivated to do work.  With less teacher/student face time, it can become easy to get lost within the work.  I feel like MOOCs is a good option for people that have a great desire to learn something, find it easier to use technology and can keep on top of their work.

MOOCs, although intended to make it easier for people to learn that couldn’t afford it, didn’t have a high success rate with students completing the courses. The founder of Udacity Sebastian Thrun had high expectations for his specific MOOC. However, Lewin says, “Despite access to the Udacity mentors, the online students last spring — including many from a charter high school in Oakland — did worse than those who took the classes on campus” (Lewin, 2013). In addition, only a small percentage of the students actually passed. Based on these occurrences, Sebastian Thrun was forced to take a good look at his company and admit that it was not as good as he had anticipated and in a lot of ways failed. Although his plans were revolutionary, they were indeed not met.

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