Illegal Downloading

Illegal downloading is such a common crime. Some people don’t even know that it is a legitimate crime. Others say it’s harmless because, we don’t really see the effect that it has on others. Although the illegal download sites benefit from this, the people who actually produce these services (movies, music, software, etc. ) suffer. This is the livelihood of these people and the profit from the sales of these things. If everyone downloads it for free, they lose a significant amount of money. Amy Adkins says, “The availability of free music has cost the music industry $12.5 billion in economic losses” (Small Business). This discourages people from making these products especially if they spend more money making these things than they make from the sales. Also the significant decrease of money coming into these industries has caused a lot of people to lose their jobs.


Many don’t consider illegal downloading to be stealing. This is a feeling mostly achieved because the theft is faceless. We don’t see who we are affecting and those that are affected don’t know exactly who is taking their money. Nevertheless, it is still stealing. Just like any other crime if you are caught there are severe consequences. “Those that are found to have illegally downloaded or shared copyrighted music and/or movies are subject to criminal and civil Penalties ranging from $750 per work infringed to over $150,000.00” (Student Legal Rights).The fact that you are taking a product without permission or compensation of the person that produced it is stealing. It’s no better than walking into a music store and lifting a CD.

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