Security is a huge topic in an age where privacy is becoming more and more public. What you do on the internet can actually contribute to your rapidly diminishing sense of privacy. However, people could find out information about you, without you even knowing. The term sousveillance, refers to surveillance equipment worn on the body.  With inventions such as camera necklaces, people can  watch you right under your nose.  Technology is great, but where does the line get drawn? The fairly new invention of Google glass, raises this question. This device allow the person wearing them to use this mini computer in many ways. One thing people can do is record others without their knowledge. I foresee devices such as this one causing a problem in security and privacy. I could see people using it to do image searches and finding information about people. These type of devices could be useful for the government and police force, but released to the general public, I only see it ending in disaster. 

Although we have no control of what others do to invade our privacy, we can protect ourselves as much as we can. When we post pictures online often they are geotagged unless we specify otherwise. This gives people the opportunity to see exactly where we are. This is dangerous because it almost encourages stalking. Also images are often linked together. With things such as Google image search, people can find all pictures of us on the internet. Although this is helpful to avoid getting ‘Catfished’, we might just be putting out way to much information.  This not only puts us at risk but also those associated with us. 


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